Touch Africa Tours is a top travel agency in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, offering unique and unforgettable travel experiences across Africa. With a passionate team of experts, they cater to every traveler’s needs, from safaris to beach getaways. They are committed to sustainable tourism and creating positive impacts on local communities. Choose Touch Africa Tours for an authentic African adventure.

Zimbabwe is a diverse destination offering vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning natural beauty. From Victoria Falls to Great Zimbabwe, there are countless incredible sights to discover. The welcoming people, delicious cuisine, and top-tier safari experiences make it a must-visit for authentic African adventures. Whether you love wildlife, history, or relaxation, Zimbabwe has something for every traveler. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey in this hidden gem of Southern Africa.

Expertise in African travel

We partner with local guides and accommodations to provide exclusive experiences and hidden gems, showcasing the beauty, diversity, and wonder of Africa.

Tailored itineraries and personal service

Touch Africa Tours offers personalized travel packages tailored to clients’ interests, budgets, and schedules.

24/7 support and assistance

Our travel and tour agency provides 24/7 support to ensure a stress-free vacation for our customers. Therefore, our commitment to top-notch customer service ensures a seamless and memorable experience.


Local knowledge and connections

Our locally owned business understands our community’s unique needs and preferences, supporting local events and charities.

Sustainable and responsible travel practices

Our company prioritizes sustainability and responsibility in travel practices, consequently minimizing environmental impact through eco-friendly transportation, waste reduction, and supporting local communities.

Positive reviews and satisfied customers

Positive customer reviews highlight our exceptional service, products, and staff.

Customizable packages for all budgets

We offer customizable packages to cater to all budgets, catering to individual needs and financial constraints.

Competitive pricing and value for money

In addition, our company offers competitive travel packages, focusing on affordable vacation options. We negotiate deals with airlines, hotels, and other providers to provide discounted rates.

Variety of experiences and destinations

Touch Africa Tours provides a diverse range of experiences across continents, as a result catering to travelers of all interests.